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Welcome to the HertsPoultry website .Please see the ' contact us ' section for our details , location and easy to use email contact form .

We are currently out of stock and as we have relocated and will not have more hens this year  .Please call us on 07983-540633  or use the contact form for more information .

Keeping chickens is one of Britain's fastest growing hobbies - why not join it? Here at Herts Poultry we will provide you with all the knowledge and advice you need  to get into the fascinating world of poultry keeping. Whether you want to keep a few hens for eggs or would like to keep fancy fowl or meat birds... we are happy to help.

We realise that many poultry keepers want to choose from a range of reliable , healthy , friendly point of lay hybrid chickens and our range is specially selected to provide these qualities at a competitve price.

Chickens are fairly easy to keep providing you give them  fresh food and water and proctect them from preditors and the elements in a well built house. If you would like to know any more about poultry, feel free to give us a call.


Our Breeds

Hybrids Point of Lay Hens-Our specially selected range is shown on page 2. 

All these hybrids are perfect for either a free range situation or  a more confined run, they become very tame and will follow you around the garden! Priced at £18 for all breeds apart from the blue egg layers which are £25 , they are fully vacinated and adaptable ,fitting into any home or size of flock.

Please see "POL Hens for sale" section for more info on Hybrid hens.

Our Pure Breeds, we wont have pure breeds , bantams, geese or ducks available until later in the summer - just ask for more details !

Speckled Sussex- an old breed one of the first recorded colours of sussex make a great meat or egg layer and have a beatiful mahogany and white speckeld colouring and are our  favourite of the sussex breeds.


Buff Sussex- a good utility bird producing good number of eggs and a nice sized bird for meat.

Light Sussex- the most common sussex they lay a good number of eggs and also can be used as meat bird ,they are very friendly birds and are very graceful and beautiful.

White Orpington- A very large breed they are not the best layers but make it up in beauty -  they are docile and calm.

Splash/White Splash Orpington- also a big bird they have a mottled blue/black and white appearence - great in the show ring.

Lavender Orpington Bantam- a big bird for a bantam, they are the small version of the LF orpington. They tend to be the size of an average hybrid hen.

Black, split for choclate, Orpington Bantams- these birds produce half choclate and half black offspring they have proved very popular in the poultry world lately, but are not very good layers.

Serama Bantams- These are the smallest chickens in the would most being smaller that a pigeon. They come in every colour you could think of and do not breed true to colour. They are quite good layers in the spring and summer and become very tame.

Naked neck/ Turkens- a very strange looking breed they have no feathers on their necks! They are very hardy and do well in very hot temperatures , they are good layers and very good meat birds if you can get over the strange looks!

Nacked Neck Silkies/ Showgirl Chickens- we are breeding these at the moment there are hardly any in this country but are very popular in the USA they are basically a silkie with no feathers on the neck. They are very rare in England.

Silkies- we keep black silkies they are a very tame breed and have hair like feathers, they need to be kept out of rain or their feathers clog up.

Rhea- we keep white Rhea, they are a very large bird and need special fencing, they are a graceful and stunning bird a real head turner. We breed in the spring and summer -  we will have chicks again next year ranging from £50 - £100.

We also keep crested and runner ducks and we sometimes have ducklings for sale. We occassionally have geese and quail for sale - please call for info. 

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