Poultry Auction

We currently dont have any auctions scheduled .

Thank you very much to everybody who attended our previous auctions and we hope to see you again at our farm where we have a range of poultry, food and bedding available .

Auction Rules

All birds attending the auction must be in perfect health and show no signs of illness or injury.

Hertspoultry have the right to refuse entry to any birds if they are deemed unfit for sale.

You must pre-enter any lots that you would like to sell, any lots that turn up on the day may be refused.

Sellers must clearly label their boxes with the breed, sex and age of the birds inside of the box.

All birds on sale must be in suitable boxes with a wire mesh front or show cages.

Birds must be able to stand up fully in their boxes and only 1 cockeral to a box.

All chicks must be off heat before being sold.

All birds must have water provided at all times in their boxes and food given before and after viewing.

No birds are to be privately sold outside of the auction room.
Herts Poultry