POL Hens for Sale
We are currently out of stock of hens and as we have relocated and wont have more availability this year .
Herts Poultry are delighted to offer a range of high quality Point of Lay hens, they are fully vacinated and from established bloodlines with proven performance....they are ready to settle into their new homes !
Here's some feedback from previous buyers ....'Just to let you know we are totally besotted with the chickens.The ranger is now laying every day and is so friendly.The other 5 have developed characters of their own and now follow us around'..................
'We brought 5 chickens from you this year. We are please to say they are all happy and laying nicely. The white legbar laid from day one and every one else has now caught up. We are very happy with them and they are friendly nice chickens producing lovely eggs'....

Please note that we don't take credit or debit card payments .
When collecting please bring a suitable  box for transportation, we do sometimes have some boxes available if that is not possible .
Here is our current list of generally available hens , egg yields are expected achievable on average recorded yields and may vary.
Speckeld Maran - A Hybrid cross between barred Plymouth Rock and a Rhode Island Red -you can expect 270 dark brown eggs with speckles each year. Ideal to join a multi hen flock. £18 each.
Herts Light Sussex - An attractive looking hybrid  and very popular white bird with black markings which will lay 250+ brown eggs per year.This distinctive bird's markings are well known among poultry keepers being closely related to the pure breed Light Sussex .£18 each.
Herts White Leghorn  -This white legbar makes a great pet with an inquisitive nature and distintive tail, ideal selection laying up to 320 white eggs per year.Its cheeky nature makes it one of our favourites .£18 each.
Rhode Rock   -A hardy bird similar to a Black Rock and which lays  300 brown eggs per year and is famous for its stunning looks and friendly nature.£18 each.
Herts Ginger Ranger - Friendly and calm , this bird has the traditional colouring of a red/brown hen and will lay about 330 eggs per year. Often used in commercial free range farms due to their good egg production and confident nature.£18 each.
Herts Blue Maran A unique,specially developed bird which will lay 260 brown eggs per year.Placid in nature with a blue / grey colouring and black head and sturdy build this hen is very popular with poultry keepers.£18 each.
Blacktail - A docile and attractive hybrid with similar markings to a Columbian Blacktail.Laying up to 300 eggs per year .Its temparament makes it ideal for any environment.£18 each.

Herts Amber Ranger  - A great layer producing up to 320 eggs a year and with a friendly , placid nature making her ideal for inclusion in any small flock . Distintive white colouring combined with deep brown random markings around the body and wings.£18 each

Cheshire Blue - a specially developed blue egg layer , white in colour with some black markings . Will lay in the range of 280 blue coloured eggs per year.£25 each.
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